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Cash Organizer Unlocker

4.95 usd

This application will make a trial version of Cash Organizer Free in the full version.Please, before downloading this application, set "Cash Organizer Free" - is a complete application with the trial period of use. (Unlocker will not be visible in the list of applications)
Cash Organizer restart after installation Unlock (exit Cash Organizer click Back).
You can update your full version by updating the trial version.
★★★★★Inesoft Cash Organizer for Android. Can work as a stand-alone program on your Android. Access your bank account and credit card balances, budgets, projects and planned transaction anywhere you are. You get the incredible flexibility of the financial instrument that allows you to finance so as you prefer. Customizable interactive reports will show where your money goes, notifications will not allow to miss out important payments or to get credit limits overflowed. Cash Organizer is everything you need and a bit more.
Desktop and Web:
ACCOUNTS* Account with any currency;* Reconciliation wizard;* All currencies are supported as well as history exchange rates;* Transfers between accounts;* Split transactions and transfers inside splits;* Import data from bank statements using QIF file format;* Auto-complete new transactions from history;* Transaction filtering and search functionality;* Grouping of accounts by interests.
BUDGETS* Possibility to filter out accounts for budget groups* Progress bars for each budget category;* Colour indications for low and overflow budgets;* Option to calculate budgets including scheduled transactions;* Forecast budget to any future date;* Instant access to transaction list of selected category with possibility to edit records;
SCHEDULING* Plan expenses, incomes and transfers;* Support of transaction splits exactly as in the account mode;* Generate dates in Note field by using keywords for automatic descriptions;* Created a list of all scheduled transactions for any future date;* Partial processing of scheduled transactions.
REPORTS* 7 Base graphical and text reports;* Fully adjustable report filter; * Access and edit transactions from reports;* Save customized filters for further use.
PROJECTS AND CATEGORIES* Tree structure with 5-level deep;
CURRENCIES* All existing currencies including Bitcoin BTC, Gold XAU, Silver XAG and others;* Automatically created history of currency exchange rates;
DATA SYNCHONIZATION* Possibility of data synchronization between all your computers and mobile devices;* The strongest 256-bit encryption protocol guarantees that only you can access your data;
ADDITIONAL OPPORTUNITIES:* Sync with Cash Organizer Desktop or Online version for Windows PC, MacOS X and Linux;* Automatic data backup;* Instant support;* Non-stop improving.